Buying vibes - light weight

I looking into buying a vibraphone, since i only use my school's right now. is there any light-weight vibraphone that you guys would suggest looking into??

if you need to move it. then an musser m-55 is my choice. the easiest to move around by far.

if you got bucks and want an amazing instrument google vanderPlas Baelio and look their instrument with the blue bars. amazing!! i have a VPB here and it's a work of art.

the musser is a good work horse. that's my vote. others will most likely chime in.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

you can set an alert on google for specific instruments and then when it finds one for sale it will email you!

also post on

check out the 'mallet shop' down in florida.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

thanks, r u talking about the gigvibe or evibe? are they easy to move?

I agree with Tony and Gary about the M55 being an excellent choice, especially if looking for a used instrument. Taking the option of buying a pre-owned instrument off the table for a minute, I'd like to inquire what experience posters have with the Yamaha Gold Touring Vibe - I think the model number is 3710. It appears to me to have all of the advantages of the Provibe, but also is height-adjustable and for someone like me that would be an important feature.

i need it to be portable for playing out too.

Hi there, If you have a van or station wagon type of car, and plan to gig locally (dates you can drive to), then the Musser 55 is probably the most practical and easy to deal with, as Tony eloquently advises. On the other hand, if you anticipate ever flying, or have a smaller car that is too small to handle the larger M-55 pieces, then consider the M-48, designed intentionally to be more appropriate for travel.

If you don't need cases, then the size issue is even more to your advantage. I think most players are fine with the 55, honestly, if the gigging is on a local basis.

I agree that there are more high end choices, such as from Nico, but I assume budget is probably a factor. And, you're more likely to find a used Musser 55 than any other model of vibraphone, if you are trying to spend less than the cost of a new instrument.

Wishing you the best of luck, Gary B

thanks for the advice mr. Burton, i'm probably looking at the M-55. I've got a good while to go to buy my first set of vibes (unless i win a lottery or something close to that), but it helps to know what to look forward to, you know?
If you have any time, i'd really appreciate any sort of comment on my practice routine topic. I've only heard your playing, but you seem down to earth and willing to teach. It's reasuring as a young musician to hear what you've got to say.