Blues For Queen D

Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but...

On the Milt Jackson CD titled "Sa Va Bella" there is a great tune called "Blues For Queen D" that I'm learning.

Does anyone know of a play-along track for that song anywhere? Also can this be a Tune of the Month?

Thanks, Karl

ha ha. prob not the totm. we should stick with the tunes that everybody is playing.

do you know how to make your own play along tracks??

Hi Tony, I have Band in a Box, but for me making a play along off of a CD is pretty advanced stuff. :(

Here's a YouTube of somebody playing the tune. Is it a derivative of something else?

that's a GREAT vibe solo, huh?

well here's the thing. all that is is a blues. is that what you want to work on and want play along tracks? why don't you get the aebersold blues cd. you could probably play that head over those changes. you'll just have to transpose the head into different keys. which is a good thing to try anyway.

the changes towards the end are a little different from that. but you could work on it.

and if you want to work on your latin chops, get the latin play along cds and just learn those heads.


Thanks for the advice. I'm pretty much specializing in blues. I have two Aebersold blues books and a Hal Leonard blues book so I have great backing music for the solo parts. I just need the backing music for the intro/ending/melody parts so I can play the whole song.

Cool Solo! I dig Mike's playing.

Is that a custom frame or a Piper vibe?