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What Do I Need To Perform Live and Online on the Vibe Hang?

One video camera

optional (but really helps) one decent stereo mic.

a computer with a built in web cam and mic.

then go to and start an account.
create a channel on the site. you DON't need this for the vibe hang, but this is where you'll test your stuff out. create a channel, it's really easy.

Then quit your browser and plug in your video camera and or mic.

Open browser go to sign in then at the top you'll see OPEN STUDIO. Click on that and choose your channel.

When you arrive at your channel, if you're not there choose broadcast. Once you're on the broadcast page, the computer should ask you if you'll allow it to access your video cam. That's what you want! Say yes.

Then choose MORE OPTIONS to get your sound happening. You'll choose whether it's your line in, your video cam, etc.

If all that works, then notify me with your user name for mogulus and i'll give you access to the mallet_channel. On the day of the hang log in and i'll check that all is cool.

That's it. Any questions let me know: