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How do I keep up with all the comments and posts?

there's a lot going on on this site and it's picking up each day. If you're a subscriber, you're probably going nuts with all the posts and comments, from guys like Joe Locke, piper, Saindon, Friedman and others. It's incredible how much is happening around here.


In the top menu at the top of the page. you'll see 'Recent Activity'. This is where you can see what's happened lately.

If you just posted a comment, and I look under 'Recent Activity', I'll see the story at the top and '1 New' next to it. That tells me that there's a comment there that i haven't read.

Also if you just posted a blog it will be at the top there. That's the first spot I hit when I hit the site and I work down the page to see what's happening.

If you're interested in just the latest comments, you can also look under 'Recent Comments'.