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University of Delaware: Aug 1st - 6th Worskhop at University of Delaware with David Friedman and Tony Miceli

This is the official announcement of the University of Delaware Workshop with David Friedman and myself.

I'm really excited about this workshop, I think it's going to be incredible.

Here's the some exciting things about the workshop:

  • You will get to spend 3 days with David Friedman and all 5 with me.
  • Going along at the same time will be a xylo workshop featuring Bob Becker from Nexus. I'm sure we'll be swapping classes once or twice during the week. Bob is an amazing ragtime improviser and xylo player.
  • Each student will have his own instrument and practice room for the workshop. This is incredible because now you can work and practice all day and night. Work on the material and then present it.
  • On the final day, we'll have a concert
  • There will be inexpensive housing for students in the University Dorms, right on campus!
  • Dave Friedman will be there!

There is a deadline for signing up for this class and that will be announced shortly. This is a great opportunity to spend an intense week studying the vibes.

For more information GO HERE.

Here is the theatre where our final performance will take place.


Marie-Noëlle Mon, 03/08/2010 - 01:45

Can anybody make "teleportation" possible before that date?!! No? really? Pff...

tjaco Thu, 03/11/2010 - 14:10

In reply to by Marie-Noëlle

Yeah teleportation that's the way!

Man, I would really love to come to this one! This is exactly how it should be done, the workshops. Intense practicing all week and all staying at the same place..

But I'm afraid I'm not gonna make it... the flights during that time from europe are about a 1000 bucks, and I'm not that successfull....