Please join us in Newark, Delaware from July 27- August 1, 2015 for the annual Jazz Vibe Workshop.

July 27th-August 1st, 2015

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8 am until midnight, ALL VIBES, ALL DAY!

Warren Wolf, Tony Miceli, Behn Gillece, Tyler Blanton, Steve Shapiro

This workshop features jazz vibe great Warren Wolf, Tony Miceli, Behn Gillece, Steve Shapiro and Harvey Price in a one-week instensive study in all aspects of playing and improvisation as well as recording the vibraphone. The week will conclude with a concert featuring the students of the workshop and guest artists and an online vibe hang.

Topics to be covered:

Beginners to Advanced

We will have classes for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced. At what ever level you are it, consider this a vibraphone immersion workshop! :-)

All About the Vibraphone and Micing of the Vibraphone

Steve Shapiro will talk about the technical aspects of the vibraphone and recording

Playing and Improvising On the Instrument

Warren Wolf, Tony Miceli, Behn Gillece and Tyler Blanton will talk about playing and improvising on the instrument.
tTechnique, phrasing, dampening, pedaling and every other aspect of the instrument will be covered.

(There is a limit of 20 participants for this one-week workshop)

There is NO workshop like this in the world. This is an opportunity to work from morning until night with your own vibraphone, your own practice room and your own piano. That's 96 hours of mallet playing!
There will also be several Mallet Kats as well to work with and in in-depth look into electronic percussion and midi.

Here's the schedule for the workshop:

8:00 - School opens
9:30-11:30 1st workshop
12:00 - 2:00 Lunch and Practice time
2:00 - 4:00 Afternoon workshop
4:00 - 6:00 Dinner and Practice time
6:00-8:00 Guest Artist
8:00-12:00 practice time, your time

We will take the first 20 participants, so reserve your spot ASAP!


Dorm lodging is available within walking distance from the music building or you can opt for several motels or hotel close by. The dorms are $29 for a double occupancy and $39 for a single occupancy.

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show us a weekly schedule? Whats happening which day because i am coming up for a day and i need to know which one

well david is coming the last 3 days.

but i haven't planned too much else except i'm going to try and have a guest each night and also try and get behn and pinto down for a master class.

on the thursday we'll probably have an open house in the afternoon and a vibe/xylo hang (bob becker is across in the next building, doing xylo stuff)

the workshop is really designed for the 6 days. it's fine and GREAT if you come for a day. if so, i could plan on the thursday or friday when friedman is there.

I do know that we work our asses off for 6 days. Last year these guys were playing all day and all night!

i will certainly come up thursday or friday when freidmen is there. All day for six weeks is really intense!

count me in!
Don't over plan
Keep it simple

This sounds awesome! Are there still openings? Is there a way to have it count for college credit?

Are you in high school or college?

If college you couldncheck with your college. Otherwise the least I could do is getbsome type of certificate.

I am a high school teacher looking to possibly get some continuing education credits. As a workshop, I think it will count (the certificate would be helpful), but will have to check with admin before registering. Hopefully will work out so I can go! :)


This is offered through the univ of del. I'll check with them also.

Hey are there still openings for this workshop? If there are I will register for this right now! The Malletech Vibes Congress got cancelled so I'm scrambling for a new workshop!

I think so. You can register there: :o)
Tony? Can you confirm?

there are still openings!

Is this primarily for advanced players or all levels?

Any skill level is fine, you should come!

I would imagine you will have a variety of vibes on hand. Do you think that we'd have opportunities to try out different ones, for example, the Malletech Omega and Love vibes?

Yes, both those instruments will be available!

I've stumbled across a few different links for this workshop, and it looks like there is at least one other page about it on the site. The other one has a different guest artist list and a different description. Just wondering, which one is the most up-to-date?