May 16, 2010 - Vibe Hang - CANCELLED


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So?! Who's in?!
Who can play? Or even record and get it played on Sunday?
Wake up guys!!
- M

I'll be there! Along with my student!


Great idea!! Looking forward!!

Great! I hope to be watching and also hearing Vibe Hang This Sunday!
I'll be visiting my mother, but hope to tune in and hear everything!
Hope Lots of people join in to play!
Carla J

my wife's grandfather died. they were very close, so i have to go to texas this weekend. he was 101 years old! and he was rockin and rolling until about 98. so he had a great life.

i think the next vibe hang is june 19th. mainly because mario can't be there live and i want to do the hangs with mario and feature the mallet kat also.

i was planning already something different for next weekend.

i am trying to set up something a little different for next weekend though. and that's a CONCERT. a real concert. i think mike pinto is going to play, mario will play (recorded) and i will play. 30 minutes each. this is not a hang but an actual concert and we're going to prepare some stuff. behn can't make it but i'm trying to see if he will pre-record his part as well.

concerts are about us all being together and listening together and with the internet, talking together. can't do that at a real concert can you? so i'm not going to post the video from the concerts. (maybe an excerpt) i want that to have the community feeling for the concerts. you guys agree?

i'd love to get some concerts going here, more listening to one person for a longer time then the informality of the vibe hang. i'd like the performers to really prepare something. you know?

i would also like to try and sell cds during the concerts and generate money for the performers. that would really help out lots of players i think.

then we could even have even just 30 minutes concerts during the week and feature someone. if they don't have a cd we could 'pass the hat', etc. you get the idea. i believe that money and music go together mainly because it helps people play and pay their rent!!!

that's the plan, i'm working out the details and if it works out, i'll announce it soon.

i'll keep everyone posted. i'm babbling. let me know what you think.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

My condolences to your wife. Travel safely. The concerts sound like a good idea.

Bob Wesner

thanks, dr. bob. death is very interesting in what it brings out in the living. so in many ways today was very interesting.

yeah i like the concert idea also. i really hope some of you guys will put on concerts over this summer. i think next sunday will work out. and after that, i would love to schedule short 30 - 40 minute concerts with you guys. have just one person performing. wouldn't that be cool? cool and inspiring, right? i think i can pull off next weekend and that could launch the summer. hey, LET'S CALL IT 'A SUMMER OF VIBES'.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

Tony, my condolences to you and Sharon! Haven't been around and this is the first thing I see. man...

Good idea about the concerts! I'll try to get involved!


thanks tj. all is cool. he was 101 and had a great great life. a real cowboy.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

Tom P.

Cool!! :o)
- M

Tom P.

My deepest condolanses for you and your Family.

Karl Ivar Refseth