Let's Study 'I Should Care'

If enough people sign up for this, then next Monday night I'll turn on the cams and talk about 'I Should Care'. We'll go over the harmony and I'll play it in different keys with a bass player.

Here's what you would need to do:

Learn the tune
Try and memorize the melody
Try and memorize the chords
Have a set of vibes or a keyboard nearby

I'll talk it down on monday, we'll play it and you can:

Play the bass movement
Play the melody
Play the chords

If I think there are enough of you guys out there with instruments, I'll pick keys and myself and the bass player will play it down and let you take a chorus.

I think if there's participation this will work great. But standing behind a cam, you just never know who's out there. I'll use the chat for that. I'll need participation back so I know we're getting through.

You i could also take questions via skype. Maybe I could set up my laptop to take phone calls and route them through to all of you. We'll see.


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Tony Fontana

Hey Tony,

I'll tune, but won't be able to play. But I love the idea. I just hope my laptop won't shut off all the time... I think the fan is broken..



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