Jazz Vibes Workshop, Limerick - Ireland

This week we will be organizing a summer vibe camp in Limerick, Ireland. This means that we will be less active at the school, but we will collect a lot of audio and video during this week and post it on the site. So be sure to check that out.

If you want to attend the Vibe Camp check out the information below and also go to www.larrysimprovpage.com for more info on how to sign up.

For all those who sign up, you'll get:

* 1 month of online lessons, so you can go home and work on some of the topics we covered and submit mp3s and video to make sure you're on track.
* Parts of the workshop will be recorded. Participants will receive all video and audio recordings made during the week.
* Since you'd be coming to study with me, you'll also get my 3 cds

Topics of the workshop:

* Dampening and Pedaling
* Chords and chord/melody voicings
* Soloing techniques
* Ear Training
* Stride Vibes

And lots more!

Also there will be plenty of playing during the week with a rhythm section and most likely a final jam session in a club.

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