Good VIbes May 2020

Hi Everyone,
I'm hoping you are all safe and healthy and doing what you need to do to stay that way!
I'm filing May's show very early, trying to keep ahead and free up time to help my friend with her mask-making endeavors. She's makin' 'em good to look at, color-coordinated from cheery fabrics. Mine is Minnie Mouse and Michael's got Batman. Mine are going to be made with some wild and colorful African prints.
So, Good Vibes, the real reason for writing this. May's show continues to explore new albums from Chuck Redd, Madeleleine's Couch, Christian Tamburr, Martin Fabricius and Behn Gillece. I'll be playing an amusing little piece from David Friedman called "Bubbles of Nothing." It's very short, only about a minute, and the bubbles are all in your imagination. Let 'em go. Das Vibenbass, a now defunct Seattle-based group, returns with a track I found online, "Da Loop." It's on HOP Records Anthology Vol. 1. (The record company is named for an ingredient used to make beer.) Justin Sorenson, the vibes player with the group, has been exploring other interests since the group's dismantling. I wish him well.
Stay positive!

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