Arturo Serra Quartet - Two Videos

hi all people this is a copule of videos of a past gig last year
a friend send me the video and I put this on you tube, one tribute to milt
and the other neal hefti tune with the vibes and marimba

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Nice playing Arturo! Nice to hear you and your quartet. I play Daydream...what a great tune.

hi thanks rusty thanks for the nice words,yeas a great tune one of my favorites!!
I love ballads

Arturo, this is very very nice. I used to practice this tune a lot a few years ago. Haven't played it in a long time. You inspire me to dig out the chart and play it again, maybe even make a video with my BIAB band (laugh) or the JA playalong (I have no real band) right now. What I am saying is that I like this tune. Take care man.

Yeah and I just played the other video, immaculate interpretation of Milt's playing. I don't recall the name of the tune (Daydream) but I must have heard it before. Great!!


thank thanks you bruce for your nice comment! I really apreciatte
the magic of this music happens when discovery a tune for people I follow, it courios I listen this tune my first time not from parker ,was phil woods, the thing it is in anyway this wonderful tune arrive to me and I was very interesting in learn it
take care