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Hello, I've just joined and I hope these forums are still alive.

Can you please give me an opinion on Vancore vibes from Netherlands and in particular their lower end model PSV 2001? It's a three octave set with a fixed 45 mm bar width. You can see the pics and specs here:…

I can only order a set withot first trying it so your hands-on experience would be very helpful.

I can't find any reviews of these vibraphones. I understand that since they are modestly priced this will reflect their quality level. You usually get what you pay for but...

Here is the question. Are their vibes inexpensive because not much quality goes into production or otherwise do they have a very thought out manufacturing process including rational use of materials that allows them to cut down the production costs where for instance other traditional vibes manufacturers waste money and effort?

The design is simplistic but that isn't a bad thing in my opnion. The looks are pedestrian but who cares if it could be the factor that contributes to the lower cost?

The most important question: are their vibe bars well made from a quality aluminium and are they in tune?

Any experience good or bad is welcome!


tonymiceli Tue, 03/05/2013 - 11:50

well they look fairly simple to take apart. i hope that's true. and i hope the process is fast. i would get good cases for the pieces. even if it's suitcases and duffle bags.

the only thing i wonder is how the bars sound. I'm so used to the musser sound. but i love the yamaha sound and love the vanderplas sound. so that will be important. i wish we could hear a recording of them. haven't they sold a set somewhere near you? near you to me would mean within a few hours of driving. if i was going to do this, i would drive or take a train 4,5 or 6 hours, to spend 30 minutes playing one before i bought it.

S-Vibes Thu, 03/07/2013 - 04:27

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Tony, in our area unfortunately there are not many vibes. Even if I found the Vancore I'd have hard time comparing it to anything else. In fact I haven't ever touched a vibraphone in my life before. I played xylophone when I was 12 and I'd like to come back but with a more sustaining instrument like vibes now.

S-Vibes Wed, 03/13/2013 - 03:01

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Tony, never mind. I'm neither in US, nor in EU. I'll be looking for something else. Used is not an option over here. Vibes is an instrument most people can by new only once and it has to be a good one if any at all.

tmackay Thu, 03/07/2013 - 15:01

since you cant really test the vibes out .. i would ask the company wat there process is for tuning the bars. Do they have a master tuner, and who and where he or she did their apprentice study. i would be prepared to send the bars off to fall creek or salazarfinetuning.

the frame looks easy to tear down .. wonder wat the weight of it is ?

Ahornberg Sat, 03/09/2013 - 17:43

I play on such a vibe - an older model. For practicing it's ok. The frame is not very stable, so I always lend it against a wall. And when you play at the end of the bars upon the dampening bar then the sound gets noisy. But it was the most cheapest vibe I found.

S-Vibes Mon, 03/11/2013 - 09:21

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Hello Berg! Good to hear from you as an owner of the subject vibes set. If you ever have a look at this thread again, could you please add a few more notes?
- How is the tuning of the bars? Would you like to improve it or is it resonably acceptable?
- You mention you have an older set. Have they improved the construction in the new sets? You can probably judge only by the visual comparison so I understand if you can't comment on this one.
- What higher priced set (probably of some other maker) would you get instead if you had a chance now or if you went back in time and could wait and save a little more money?

Ahornberg Mon, 03/11/2013 - 17:12

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In comparsion to a Studio 49 vibe, the bars are not tuned so well.
But for me, retuning the bars is not an option. I would change to another instrument.
The only thing I see they improved in the construction are that metal bolts that hold the string that runs through all the bars.
On my instrument there is a metal sheet that runs along under all the bars.
On your picture this sheet is replaced by separate bolts that look more like on a Musser vibe. But because auf that metal sheet on my instrument it was possible for me to rearrange the order of the bars.
So I use this instrument also for experimental purpose. If I change back to the piano style layout of the bars I rather would change to another brand - maybe Yamaha or Adams.
But nowadays I'm focusing more on my 4-mallet-skills than on the quality of my instrument ;-)