Fall Creek Tuning!

Hey everyone.

I wanted to report that I just had some Yamaha bars retuned by Bill Youhass at Fall Creek Marimba, and I am very pleased! i think Bob Leatherbarrow had posted about this, so thanks for the tip Bob.

I sent my 442 bars, and had them retuned to 440 (so I no longer own 442 bars - yes, finally... they make no sense in the US). Comparing Bob's 440 tuning with my other factory-tuned 440 Yamaha bars, they are much smoother. Much more in tune with themselves, with less peculiar artifacts.

I highly recommend Bill's tuning skills!

If you look on his "For Sale" section, you will see an 1949 Musser M75 Century that he is reconditioning. It's now mine. I bought it. Can't wait to pick it up from him. He is still working on it.


steve there is a guy that joel at yamah recomended . joe salazar from arcata cali ..