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This is quite interesting and I am sure lots of us have asked ourselves this question many times but have a read and lets hear some comments on this.…


ed saindon Sat, 06/02/2012 - 11:49

Very interesting John. I can see the effect in some of the students for sure. The shorter attention span, the inability to remained focused, unable to practice for long periods of time, etc. But, I don't think we should "give in" to the problem. We can't start asking less of the students. Do we limit our solos to a minute, two minutes,... On the other hand, there is something to say for concerts that go on and on and are too self-indulgent. I know in the past, I've been at a concert and I'm waiting for it to be over. And I'm a musician, so what is the non-musician thinking and feeling? Ed

johndaly Sun, 06/03/2012 - 07:21

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Good point Ed I have been at concerts as well with the same feeling so its a universal thing, I have experienced the same thing with my own students as far as focus and concentration is concerned and most of the time I notice these guys are into gadgets big time, Iphones Ipads etc, It was different when we were learning, less technology around to distract us from practice and more gigs around to watch the pro's playing which was a major plus I think.


Stefan vdb Sun, 06/03/2012 - 13:05


I can only share my thoughts as an audience member. I see something between 15-25 concerts a year.

And I must admit that it bothers me that more and more people can no longer just sit, listen, watch and enjoy the show. They need to be ocupied with phones, they need instant comments,...
And so on.

I turn my phone off, and don't say a word untill it's over, and sometimes when I'm really overwhelmed I can only talk about it the day after, because it is still going on in my mind.
But I get the impression most spectators don't have the ability anymore to 'sit down and enjoy'.

It's a pitty, So much wonderful things that get lost, because of the lack of abilitie-to-focus.