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I have a friend doing some research on quintessential vibe recordings, especially those before 1955. What do you think are the best, most important vibe recordings?


John Keene Tue, 11/30/2010 - 12:15

If we're looking at recordings before 1955, I'd have to put one of the Monk/Milt recordings as one of my choices and probably Misterioso would be my personal pick. My second choice would something by Woody Herman's Second Herd feat. Terry Gibbs, with "Early Autumn" as a personal favorite.

I don't know if "Django" by MJQ qualifies as pre-1955 since it may have been recorded IN 1955.

Mark Johnson Wed, 11/16/2011 - 11:53

Great vibe CD's! What a forum topic! I grew up with Gary Burton, you could say, and listened mostly to him. I started playing the vibes about the time New Quartet came out. Open Your Eyes You Can Fly!!

But in later years, it has been Gary and Bobby and Joe and Steve (not Stefan)(Nelson, that is).

When I think about vibe albums that I listen to over and over again, the first I think of (after several of Gary's) is Kenny Barron's 'other places' with Bobby Hutcherson. I must admit to being disappointed with some of Bobby's recordings, only in that some are terrific, and others just very good. But 'other places' has some really terrific playing by all.