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man i just wanted to share my thoughts about this great recordings with you. i listened to it today after almost 12 years (the box is from 1995) and i was totally amazed how great these recordings are. i mean i listened it way back when i was just a drummer and liked it a lot but today from a complete different point of view as a vibes player these recordings are so great.

days of wine and roses, green dolfin street etc etc. just standards and so much to learn from. the way keith plays solo is simply great. you can also use it as a play along like i did today. it´s so much fun because the songs are sometimes like 10 minutes long. my favorite is his "you don´t know what love is" i will try to make a solo vibes version of that beautiful ballad.

anyone knows this box and has the same feeling like me or am i the only one?

i was just so amazed i must share this thoughts!


p.s heres the link:…


ed saindon Wed, 03/02/2011 - 09:59

I totally agree Tarik. I'm a huge fan of Jarrett anyways. These recordings from live at the Blue Note are some of my favorite. Keith and the trio are stretching and playing things that they don't usually play. The week at the Blue Note gave them an opportunity to play longer versions and the musics goes in different places. As far as what Keith is doing, it's all there. Sound, nuance, touch, dynamics, feel...And the lines, motivic development, beautiful melodic playing and many types of improv concepts. BTW, one of my other favorite Jarrett recordings is Life Between The Exit Signs with Charlie Haden and Paul Motian. It's from the late 60's. There's a track on there of Cole Porter's Everything I Love that is unbelievable. Thanks for posting about this. Ed