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Practice Material - Shapes and Patterns of Music

This is a project I've been working on for a long time. I'm offering it up as new practice material while isolated due to Coronavirus Lockdown. It's about 1/3 complete but it's a LOT of practice work.

I came up with the idea about 35 years ago, then put it out in a very rough form with intentions of someday making it more user friendly. In the past few years, I add to it it when I feel like messing with it. It's great practice material and is very challenging. I thought I'd add it to the mix here at VW for folks looking for something different to work on while held up at home.


Final Concert at the South Pole -

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is different for different people. I’ve learned that it is not the privilege of the audience to experience an artist’s music but rather it is truly a privilege for the artist who gets to present their musical expressions to a receptive audience.

South Pole Bound

Sitting here in the fire house - McMurdo Station, Antarctica with fingers crossed that our plane (LC 130) gets fixed in time to leave for the south pole tonight at 23:00 (in about 3 hours from now). Just amazing. Anxious, excited, very tired from an earlier call today. Working all day and now it looks like we just might be leaving for the very bottom of the Earth. My first trip to the Pole. What will it be like? My Antarctic Vibraphone is already there, waiting for me.

Good Vibes November 2019


Putting a radio show together turns out not to be so simple. There’s the tempo of each tune to consider, like the fast paced “Yardbird Suite” (Gibbs) and “Alice’s Journey,” (Gillece) and the slow pace of “Stargazer” (Fisher) and “Dusk,” (Rossy). Mid-tempo tunes like “My One and Only,” (Redd) and “Frankie and Johnny” (Wolf) help weave everything together. There should be variety among the composers. Jazz icons like Ellington and Charlie Parker share a spotlight with the newer kids in the flock, (Mancini).

Some Information For Electronic Percussionists

Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to announce that a project that I’ve been working on for years is finally a reality! I’ve recently launched the website:

The website was created to facilitate the ability to discover and listen to music scores for percussion utilizing electronics as accompaniment. On the website you will find a large searchable database of works that aims to connect the percussionists with the composers and publishers. (Currently 240 pieces and growing)