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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


Coming Soon - 15 lesson Vibraphone Course

This is a 15 lesson course for the serious vibe player. It's all about goals. You can do this lesson on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly basis. You will study with Tony Miceli with online or in person for this course.

It's designed with clear goals for working on technique, harmony, improvisation, ear training and listening.

Goals are the way we get better and they are clear cut ways to see progress. This course is based on fact that by completing lessons completely, at the end of 15 weeks you will be a much different player in many ways. 

Etude 060722 - Can you do this?

Getting your time together can be an enormous amount of work. Well, at least for me it is and I'm still working on it. 

With this etude, you have to play it with your right foot OFF the pedal and tapping on 2 and 4. Not your left foot but your right foot.


I don't write the chords in because I want you guys to print this stuff out and really study it. I feel like I'm handing it to you if I write the chords in. I believe you need to do the active work and try very hard to see how all this is connect. 

TOTM - Israel - Lesson 2

When we learn I think it's best to break things down into small chunks. Learn a piece move on, put a couple pieces together. That's the way I do it. So let's take this simple beginning of the tune and work on it. 

Do you know and can you see that this is basically a 12 bar blues?