Our Open Source Dampening and Pedaling Book Has Its First Entry

Our Open Source Dampening and Pedaling Book (dedicated to David Friedman) is now official and has it's first entry.

The material here is free to use just don't sell it for money :-). Only for practicing.

Why don't you write an etude for the book?
We need an etude, a youtube video of you playing the etude well and a description.

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Open Source Dampening and Pedaling Book

Welcome to the open source Dampening and Pedaling book.

This means you are welcome to all these etudes to practice. It will take time to build the book, so please be patient.

What you can do is practice all this material and pass it around. What you can't do is use it for profit in any way. That's fair right?

Have fun getting your dampening and pedaling together.

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"I don't know why nobody has ever transcribed this solo..."

In the online meeting a week or so ago, David played a Red Norvo video and, when talking about it said, "I don't know why nobody has ever transcribed this solo.."

That was enough motivation for me. :)

To my ears, even though this was performed/recorded in 1960, it is an excellent example of the crossover point between ragtime and jazz. So much of what Red plays, from his low to the keyboard mallet technique to his linear construction, is reminiscent of the George Hamilton Green studies. Sometimes literally... check out measures 208-209.

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In Depth Article On Wrapping Mallets

We had a great discussion in the Sunday Vibes Coffee House meeting last week on wrapping mallets.

One of the members, Brett, talked about how he wraps mallets. He included this article about wrapping mallets.

He also talked about hemp yarn and how strong it is. How long it lasts.

Here is the article he talked about.

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Chien Chien Lu - Blossom in a Stormy Night 雨夜花(改編)

Look out for Chien Chien! I think she is coming up fast in the jazz world and the vibe world.

Here is a track with her and her band. It's a killer band;

Vibraphone: Chien Chien Lu
Piano: Shedrick Mitchell
Bass: Richie Goods
Drums: Janathan Barber

Concert sponsored by Taipei Economic and Culture Office in New York
Concert Co-sponsored by New Asia Chamber Music
Video: Yang-Lun Hsiao

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