Dolphin Dance with "Notes About The Notes"

Some notes about the notes: At the very beginning, the piece starts with b9 interval played in the right hand and improvised stuff in the left. This to me creates a cold, alone, metalac feeling of depth under water. At 0:43 I rub and randomly "twinkle" the upper register with the top mallet. This is white water sound that was inspired by a young student who did that when he was just messing around on the instrument.

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Mallet percussion and disabilities

Hi everyone,

I am about to embark on the dissertation stage of my Ethnomusicology PhD program and my topic will be within the realm of music and disability studies (I know what you're thinking Tony, we just were talking about my other topic a few months ago, but long story short I had to change). I haven't chosen a specific topic yet but I would of course like to do something related to percussion if possible.

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