It could happen to You (J.v. Heusen + J. Burke) Solo-Arrangement for Vibraphone by Franz Bauer

During the Part of the Corona-Crisis, where almost everything seemed to stand still, i decided to work on Solo-Arrangements of 2 Jazz-Standards for Vibraphone. The first one is 'It could happen to you' as a medium Swing Piece and the second is 'Somewhere over the Rainbow', which i'll upoad soon after this. It was a great challenge to find 'Solo-Arranging' Ideas, especially when it comes to developing a reliable left hand, while the right hand or both hands go out for ideas or even just the melody.

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Oliver Mayman Plays and Records Every Friedman Dampening and Pedaling Etude

Oliver Mayman is an incredible up and coming vibe player. I know this because I teach him.

I gave him the challenge of putting the whole Friedman - Dampening and Pedaling book online and he is doing it!

If you are studying the book then use his versions as a reference they are all here (or will be soon).

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Choro in my apartment #2

Determined to continue my "Choro in my apartment" series in April, I began arranging another Pixinguinha classic "Segura Ele" for a host of great Brazilian musicians who happened to be scattered in far parts of the globe do to the shelter in place situation. It was fun and I learned a lot. Love this jam!

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