Philly 2009 - Vibesworkshop Workshop August 15-16 would like to announce a workshop:

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Send Workshop Payments to:
Tony Miceli
906 East Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia PA, 19147

The vibes workshop will feature master classes by Joe Locke, Tony Miceli, Mike Pinto and Dana Sudborough.

When: August 15th and 16th
(Online Vibe Hang On August 16th at the end of the workshop)

August 14th I'll make a few slots available for private lessons. First Come First Serve Basis. Lessons are free for subscribers of 3 months or more. (Order determined by when fee is paid)

Where: University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Time: Roughly 10am to 5 or 6pm

Teacher: Tony Miceli

Price: $125 a day for members Members will receive 2 months free subscription
$75 a day for subscribers (paid in advance)
$50 a day for college and high school students who are subscribers (paid in advance)

There will be bass and drums for all or part of the day and we'll probably wind up the second day with a vibe hang online performance.

I'll check some hotel prices out over the next couple days. Everyone says to use, that because of the recession you can get hotels very cheap.

If you want to keep track of this post, just make a comment even if it just says keeping track. Then when I update it I'll post a comment and you'll be notified.

Hotels and Accomodations

I found this link for hotels and rates when visiting a campus in Philly:

Here is a hotel U Arts recommends: Holiday Inn Express Midtown

Here's another link of a hotel where students of mine have Stayed. This is very close to the school. Alexander Inn

Here's a hotel that people say is not the nicest but it's good. Rodeway Inn

My business partner found this $85 a night

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