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Glen Dalrymple makes the quietest instrument I own. Well, not entirely true, but he rebuilt my M48 and it is now a beautiful instrument.

Behn and I were messing around with the m55 and m48*GD (Glenn Dalrymple). We found some things that made the m55 quieter but my rebuilt instrument was very very quiet.

If you have a new m55 don't just tighten the big nut above the pedal, tighten the one below it. As I found out. That did make my instrument quieter.

Just thought I'd mention some interesting findings. I wish I was as handy as Glenn or half as handy. I could probably do things to tighten up my instrument. Florian Poser is pretty handy and he has worked on his instruments a lot. And they sound great. I bet some of you guys have made alterations on your axes and they are much better. Unfortunately I'm the Helen Keller of Vibe Repair.


David Friedman Sat, 01/12/2013 - 18:52

I find the quietest instrument on the market is the Adams vibraphone. I think they have a new model which quite surprisingly sounds good. Although I've generally hated the sound of the older Adams vibraphone, the frame is well constructed. I still contend that the Yamaha 3710 is also extremely quiet.

brumc Fri, 01/25/2013 - 17:21

A master of the rebuild. I foresee a day when "Pimp My Vibe" is the number 1 show on the JazzTV channel.

When I still worked for the local high school as percussion guy we had the good fortune to get one of the early LoveVibes from Malletech. As with the other instruments they make, a lot of thought and technology has gone into that instrument making NO frame noise. I hope to check out an Omega vibe soon!


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