Selling Malletech 3.0 Omega Vib

For Sale: Malletech 3.0 Octave Omega Vibraphone with Motor, Serial #4, $4,100. One owner. Hardly used by a beginner who did not progress. Originally purchased December 2013. I have two sets of wings for this machine and the tuning bar. Must be picked up, not shipped. Contact LeAnn Swieczkowski in Charlotte, NC at 704-560-4322 or
What Omega says about this Vibraphone: Every feature of the ΩmegaVibe was developed with the input of pros who spend their lives not only playing, but carrying, setting up and breaking down vibes. Designed with the serious musician in mind, the ΩmegaVibe offers a modern approach to the instrument, including:
Lightweight but sturdy all-metal frame eliminates unwanted rattles and contact noise
Revolutionary “wing” design produces more natural vibrato (in just 60 seconds, go from barely perceptible vibrato to "over the top" wah-wah effect!)
Patented motorized vibrato means adjustable speed and depth
Fully tunable resonators provide maximum warmth, volume, and control of sustain
Specially formulated gel damper bar improves tone quality while dampening
Engineered to be extremely portable without sacrificing durability, the Ωmega is a solid choice for professionals and students alike.

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this instrument is in a way BRAND NEW. the only thing missing is the box!

Yes, it is like new. I fooled around with it and took one lesson. It was a kid's dream of mine to have a vib and learn how to play it. Playing it never happened so I am selling it to give it a better home where it will get some use.

How much are you asking for it?

Am asking $4,100 Am also including a mallet case and mallets.

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that is a great deal. you're getting a brand new instrument.

So I'm proud to be the new owner of this lovely instrument! Purchased it from LeAnn while I was visiting my sister in NC and brought it home to Indiana.

The only issue I've had is the wings do not spin freely. They start and stop and catch. I presume this is from lack of use over the five years since original purchase. I tried a few drops of fine oil on the pins, but I was afraid to do more.

Any suggestions?

are the belts too loose? they should be tight however with a little play.

you can undo the machanical thing on the high end of the bars and pull them back a little bit. just don't make them too tight. let me know if that works.

email me

Malletech said to call them if you are having problems also.