Our next TOTMs (yes, it's plural!)

Hi everyone,

Next week, we enter the month of July, time for a clean, new start on a Tune of the Month.

I've spoken with Tony, and we've decided that it may be a good idea to have 2 tunes to study for next month, each of varying difficulty.

Everyone is welcome to study whichever one they see fit, or both, doesn't matter, but be assured that there will be lessons on both tunes. I suggested Autumn Leaves to Tony awhile back as a nice, simple one, but forgot that we did that one a couple of years ago (isn't that crazy? We've been doing TOTMs that long now!)

Anyway, please comment on this post with suggestions and Tony and I will try to pick the two that would be good to go over. Hope you're all having a great summer!



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Like ornithology.... or if it's not a bebop we can work on skylark


i just saw that you did bluesette, yet.

what about "Time Remembered"?

"I remember clifford"

"Vierd Blues"

Since you're thinking of doing two, how about Horace Silver's "Peace"? It's a short form but a great vehicle for individual creativity.

Peace is a great tune!

One note samba?
Or St. Thomas?


ok behn you're in charge. you pick which!

Great suggestions, I wish we could do them all, haha! One of them should be a slight challenge, and I think Ornithology would be great for that. I also like the idea of Peace since the ballad would be a great contrast to Ornithology. These will be the tunes for now.

For next time, I love the idea of a latin style tune, and we'll definitely do that. Thanks everyone!