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Champaigne El Valromey, France

July 12 - 19

A wonderful workshop in the country side of France. It's a very peaceful small town, and there are vibraphones and it's a great oppportunity to study with myself (Tony Miceli) and David Patrois. In addition
to the vibes workshop there is also a composition workshop! For more information click here.

Transylvania, Romania

September 6 - 11

Another wonderful workshop in the country side. This one in Transylvania, Romania. As scary as that sounds :-) at this workshop we will all lodge together in rooms in the country with separate bathrooms
and bedrooms and we will spend an intense week studying the vibraphone!

Click here for more info

More From Andrei Pushkarev

I have asked Andrei Pushkarev to make some videos for us on I've posted in previous newsletters about him. The latest 2 lessons are really great and show us an alternative for dampening as well as
unusual stickings with scales. A must watch IMHO.

If you don't know Andries playing you need to Google him and Youtube him! He's fantastic!

Here are the lessons: (For subscribers)

Oliver Mayman and The Friedman Dampening and Pedaling Book

Oliver Mayman I think is the first vibe player to play every single Friedman Etude, record it and post it online. He studies with me at Temple University and is truly one of the most amazing students. He has so much
drive and passion for the instrument and music. He's a big achiever and fastly becoming a great vibes player.

Click here to here him play every etude.

More by Paul Wyndorps

I think Paul Wyndorps is helping to change vibraphone manufacturing and parts. As we all know there is not a lot of money around the vibraphone, but many of us love the instrument and work hard at helping it in some
way, whether that's playing well, promoting it, or making it. I am with Malletech because I think Leigh Stevens cares about making quality instruments more than most other manufacturers. Paul Wyndorps is one of
those guys who I think cares as much as Leigh or me about the vibraphone. And he's continuously doing amazing things.

Click here to read what he's doing now with a 3D printing machine.


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