There Are Two Ways to Win a Pair Of My New Mallets

Here's the First Way

Go to the booth at Malletech and check out my two mallets. Decide on which Yarn you like the best and vote by voting here.
click here to vote.

Here's the Second Way

As I'm walking around the convention if you see a pair of mallets in my hand that means they are giveaways. You have to take a selfie of us and post it on both Instagram and FB with the hashtag #malletech.

I have to be away from the Malletech booth and I have to be holding my new mallets. Then they qualify as giveaways.

1 free pair per person.

Have you seen the new Omega vibraphone? Click here so see it!

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Hey Tony, are you not with Mike Balter anymore for mallets? I've been using Malletech mallets more or less exclusively for a few years now. Will your new model be like the old Balter model(s)? When are they coming out?