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Here's some of the stuff I've been practicing. I don't have this quite down and might never! It's an almost impossible etude for me to practice!

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Piper Thu, 10/09/2008 - 09:54
Folks. Do you hear this? Let's beat him up or something. That's incredible Tony. You're working on so many aspects of the song. Can you talk a bit about those aspects? Really amazing and inspiring. I'd love to see this on video!

tonymiceli Thu, 10/09/2008 - 10:00

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i thought i'd post it even though it was far from perfect.

yeah i'm actually alternating mallets. i'm not playing with left and right separate. only patty can do that!

but if you go and check out the blues solo i did here. you'll see that i've been working on this etude for a long time and adapted some of it on an easier level on that solo.

so i thought i'd put up stuff i'm practicing. one of these days i'll write this out and post it.

my problem is getting LOTS of time to work on this.

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tonymiceli Fri, 10/10/2008 - 10:40

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i regret putting this up. but it's something i'm practicing.

i can vary the baseline a little. but i've worked it out here.

i always believed that working on things that are nearly impossible for you to do is a good thing, it makes all the other things get easier. that's why i began messing with this.

so yeah base line is set, if i slow it down, i have more options. i should do a video just showing the concept. if you look at the blues video, you'll see where i applied this.

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Piper Fri, 10/10/2008 - 10:56

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If you take this down, I'll never speak to you again! This is fantastic and improvising it or not makes no difference. I can see how improvising might be easier or might be harder... I can't imagine doing it either way. I think it's a beautiful insight into a dedication for raising the bar that is rare....(to say the least). I never thought of doing anything like you're doing and I doubt that many of us have. Please leave it up for us to marvel at and to be inspired by.

Piper Fri, 10/10/2008 - 11:25

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Thanks Marie-Noelle. That's funny.

Y'all (that's Texan for "everyone") have to understand something: Tony doesn't know how incredibly musical he is. All he has to do is look at the mallets and something musical happens. If I couldn't be me and had to play like someone else, I'd want to play like Tony (truth be known...even if I could be me). He has more freedom to make music on the vibes than anyone. Of course that's just my opinion but that's how I feel about it.

tonymiceli Sat, 10/11/2008 - 02:03

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you do not want to be inside this head. it's too strange.

you know what, the grass is always greener, i can listen to you, joe, ed, gary and the list goes on and on. i can get depressed and think all negative stuff.

i need to play that a lot better than that! but it's an interesting approach. mallets 1 and 3 are playing the bass line mallet 4 is playing the melody.

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mikepinto Sat, 10/11/2008 - 18:16

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hey tony maybe could you talk about the bridge and ways your thinking about playing over it?

alot of people end up just "skating" over the bridge to cherokee so a little knowledge of what your actually playing could help out!