MIDI Vibes with Arpeggiator by BarryK

At one of the weekly vibe hangs I demonstrated my MIDI Vibes. Becky was curious about using an Arpeggiator. Mac MainStage 3 has a bunch of Arpeggiator instruments so I decided to try out a couple and do some free improv with them.


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wait a minute you have a midi vibe set up? how? what is it? i know nothing of this!

Yes; yes I do. I made it myself (hardware and software), but very rudimentary; definitely not commercial quality. I told you about it about 5 years ago, and posted about it. I guess you forgot. I subsequently dismantled it but I resurrected it a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to get your thoughts about MIDI vibes at the vibe hang on Sunday; I know you had the K&K system.




Here is a video of snippets of tunes that were inspired by the Mac MainStage 3 Arpeggiators. The video is from the Vibes Coffeehouse on Feb. 7, 2021.