Swords of Whispers - My Take

When I heard Joe's tune Sword of Whispers I fell in love with it. I had heard it on cd, but I must have been doing something else while listening to it. I stopped and watched his video and just fell in love with the tune.

So I started messing around with it. It changes, I hope he doesn't mind. He had some 3 bar phrases in it. I wanted to play the tune so bad that I didn't worry about that and just made everything even.

I want to write a sort of etude on the head. It's a great study in using lines to maintain the beat and rhythm. I had a lot of fun playing this tune. I'll upload more: I'll do the etude or arrangement (whatever you'd call it) and I'll play a complete version with a solo section. That is with Joe's permission.

Get a copy of the sheet music here at Joe's store. It's free. Also he uses a really cool font. http://joelocke.com/shop/index.htm


This is really nice, Tony!

I LOVE the vibraphone sound.

You really bring out the beauty in playing with four mallets and this tune by Joe is the perfect vehicle.


i've heard a lot of your stuff now tony, and this is some great lyrical playing from you
really nice!

Steve Yeager

Sounds great Tony! Beautiful solo arrangement. You played it so gracefully too.

Dana Sudborough

Hey Tony,
That's the tune which made my mind choose sticks and strings ;-))
So it's Oh so cool to hear your version.
Very nicely played and sensitive.

I'll say a word about the sound of your vibe :
I haven't tried a vdp instrument but they look heavy... and you seem a "light" player :
not getting in the instrument like Joe, more of a surface control player.
Don't get me wrong, I dig both your playings (and personnalities),
I would say you're like playing jazz guitar on a Les Paul.
Maybe the old M55 would have been more organic for this piece, that's my opinion.

But the recording quality is GREAT!

i actually played it on both and loved the VP sound. i think i have to find different sticks though.

Tony Miceli
s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

....to hear you play my music with so much love and care, Tony. What a beautiful thing
to wake up to. I'm glad you liked the video from the concert in Germany enough to want to get into the tune. There are a couple things you do which I may add to MY version!
I love how you use the entire range of the instrument, how you phrase the melody, and how you maintain the simplicity of the piece. You undrstood the song. Thanks so much, man.

FYI - This song was written for the great singer, Jimmie Scott. I wore out my copy of him singing "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" w/ Hamp's big band when I was a teenager. Fast forward 25 years - Jimmie calls me to record with him. In the studio I say, "What would you like to do, Jimmie?" His reply: "There's a song I haven't done in a long, long time ... it's called "Everybody's Somebody's Fool". Man, I'll never forget recording that with him as long as I live.

The title comes from a review of one of his concerts, in which the journalist said, "The art of Jimmie Scott cuts to the truth like a sword, but it is a sword of whispers."

i mentioned in another post about your stories. they're so incredible.

this is a really heavy song. i really work hard at supressing my female side but this tune gets me choked. i had to play the rocky theme when i was done to get back on track.

honestly though it's heavy.

Tony Miceli
s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

thanks joe - the fyi from you makes this piece all the more special to hear

Steve Yeager

i LIKE the sound of this piece on the vP.

i didn't hear the contrary line (in your left hand) on my laptap. Beautiful!

this is beautiful! seriously. thank you tony for creating this.
I really love how you keep the rhythmic momentum going through all of your solo playing. An extremely valuable lesson to be learned by me....
this tune should become a new standard!


This is such a gorgeous tune it should be a standard!
I fell in love with this whole CD from Joe Locke when I first heard it. I bought it right away and the downloads too. He's an amazing musician :)

Tony I'm starting to sound like a brown noser... but you are awesome and I sincerely mean that. Great choice, great playing.

Todd Canedy
Don't stop asking until you understand. Once you understand constantly confirm it.


I woke up this morning and finally got that version of yours that had been lost in the posts of last week when I was away...

You know it, when I first heard it, I didn’t understand it. Those rhythm arrangements sounded to me like "cutting" the sliding original version spirit.

But I wasn’t satisfied with that first impression. So I listened, listened, let it "sleep" a few hours and listened again.

I just got it now, on my lunch break...

Yeah, I got it... and man... it’s truly truly beautiful!

Thank you so much for doing it...

give it one more day. maybe tomorrow you'll hate it!!!

we need more versions of this!! pinto, behn, patty, ED!!! let's go. i bet ed's would rip us all apart!! he's cut through us like a sword of vibe bars!!!
Tony Miceli
s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

More than one year ago...
I had forgotten what a wonderful balad musician you are... :o)
- M