Bud Powell Study #1: Parisian Thoroughfare

As some of you know, for the past few months I've been studying a lot of Bud Powell on piano, and by the transitive property, also vibraphone. I've done a number of transcriptions and analyses, and I've learned almost every tune he ever wrote. So, for some closure before I go to Oscar Peterson, I'll be posting three solo vibraphone versions of his tunes. The first is "Parisian Thoroughfare." I transcribed this whole recording and gained a few things from it: first, that bebop can be very diatonic -- I feel like before this (and still perhaps) I relied on chromaticism as a crutch in my lines; and second, his left hand is often just pedaling on the V, so I tried to incorporate that. I also got tons of language that I transposed to all 12 keys, but anyway, here is my version of "Parisian Thoroughfare." Thanks!

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I love the tune. Never tried playing it solo. Great job! Musical. Nice ideas. Great tempo. Great sound on the recording too.

Thank you Blake!

Well done Oliver. Very musical, good tempo.
Look forward to your next piece.

Thank you Rod!

No me canso de escucharla! Lo hago una y otra vez!

Thanks for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed every note.