Behn Gillece - "Uma Para Agosto"

I did a few solo videos at Tony's in addition to the duets we did. Here's one of my originals, "Uma Para Agosto." The Malletech Love Vibe is a great instrument for solo playing because of what it can add dynamically.

Hope you enjoy!


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Nice Behn. Beautiful composition and performance. I also see why you guys are excited by the Love Vibe.


Thanks guys, I'm loving the new instrument! The learning curve was a little funny at first, but I'm getting used to it now. Lots of fun!

Nice playing too. :)

I'm curious how fast the vibrato can go. However fast your foot can go, I guess? As much as I enjoy the different effects that Love Vibe can make, I have yet to hear someone play vibrato on it that I find to be as convincing as vibrato played on a wind or string instrument. Maybe there is a limit. It is still percussion, after all.


Yeah, it only goes as fast as your foot, although I've never been a fan of vibrato speeds that are too fast anyway. I miss that sometimes at the end of a tune, like just flipping the speed on the motor up all the way on the last chord for fun, but it's a worthwhile sacrifice!

I think a lot of people think of the Love Vibe as a manual vibrato instrument, as if that's the main feature. It's definitely a factor, but there's things I've discovered that are more intriguing. The coolest thing about it is using the pedal and shutters as an expression pedal, similar to how an organ player would. Combined with mallet dampening, you can get extremely legato transitions between chords that you can't get on other instruments. Aside from that, the instrument itself is constructed very well; brass resonators, gel damper with the fleece covering. These things make for a nice, warm sound.

The only thing that I will say is that these features aren't as effective in an ensemble that can generate some volume. If you play with a rhythm section that plays hard, then you should just play it like a regular vibe. Although you could still use the features on a ballad, or a more mellow, atmospheric type piece.

I love the instrument, and can't imagine playing solo without it anymore to be honest!

Nice, Behn. Can't wait to hear you incorporate this with your band on a recording.