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The Guide to practicing the Marimba or Vibes Late In An Apartment (even late at night).
Title Replies Author
The Nearness Of You" Solo Vibraphone with a focus on dampening ed saindon
Whisper Not - Solo Vibes Oliver_M37
Beatles: "Blackbird" - vibes & sax 1 cocktail-vibes
"Way Maker" - Solo Vibes ed saindon
Jake Chapman - Cluster Dampening 3 tonymiceli
How to Play Vibes like Count Basie -- the classic intro, ending, and gestural comping 2 Oliver_M37
The Key to Music Video Gigs x-D 1 c.stallard22
Learning from the Balafon: Lesson 15: 12/8 bell with 3 Cross-Rhythm Jerry Leake
TOTM - Blues - Blues with a Bridge 4 tonymiceli
"My Ship" by Kurt Weill - Solo Vibraphone ed saindon
Harrison Gelber's Etude 3 tonymiceli
When Life Is Beautiful by David Kovins - Vibraphone Solo - David Kovins davidkovinsvibe
Dave Samuels: Rhythmic Displacement Soloing Techniques 2 giovanniperin
Dave Samuels' favourite chords: the Constant Structure trick 2 giovanniperin
The New Gig Kat for Mallet Kat and Mallet Station tonymiceli
Coltrane Solo Concepts - Tritone Subs & Triads mwalbridge
Terry Gibbs Playing Great!!!! tonymiceli
To transcribe or not to transcribe, that is the question. 21 Randy_Sutin
My Thoughts On Solo Playing - Part 1 7 tonymiceli
Quick Lesson (QL) 1 - Play the Chord Up the Scale 2 tonymiceli
Modified Fan Orientation - What do you think about it? 3 wyndorps
Our Next Pop Up Class Is On The Blues - This Wednesday 2 pm. 11 tonymiceli
"In My Life" - John Lennon and Paul McCartney ed saindon
Jake Chapman - Dampening Master! 3 tonymiceli
new fan technology and new frame variant 5 wyndorps