Tritones and substitutions

Here's a starter's look at Tritones and Tritone substitutions.

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this is good stuff! thanks john!!!

I'm glad you like it.

i print out all the stuff i like and then i have to find the time, to mess with it. it's a great way to get into other peoples minds and see how they thing!

Since you commented on this Tony, I decided to re-visit it myself. I wish I would have corrected the enharmonic spellings at the time that I did it but I probably just played them in with a keyboard and didn't repair the damage. I'll fix them sometime in the near future and replace this version. It's a pretty worthwhile exercise. Also, in the modulations to up major second and up major third, a leading tone and/or interpolated dominant should be strategically placed to lead the modulation. I'm heading to my beautiful practice room now to spend the day working on music, music, and more music. (I've got the best practice room in the world right now.)