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Hi All,

I've been asked to provide the Vibraphone segment of my states "Day of Percussion" here in Australia for the Percussive Arts Society. I was wondering if anyone had ideas, topics, questions about vibraphone, playing, technique etc that you think would be cool to have covered in my workshop.

Pretty small jazz vibe community in Australia - approx 10 active professionals across the country, so intense harmony/changes/improv with super imposition etc will probably fly over everyones head. Mostly going to be high school and college level classical percussionists or drummers. Along with professional classical percussionists that are teachers etc.

Any thoughts are appreciated.




tonymiceli Sun, 06/02/2013 - 16:20


teach them the blues.
simple chord melody stuff

have a listening session and play 'the cats' and talk about them.

talk about dampening and pedaling (friedmans' book)

just a few ideas.

james_whiting Tue, 06/04/2013 - 04:28

In reply to by tonymiceli

Thanks Tony.

Pedalling and dampening was something I was definitely going to cover since even the ones that aren't into jazz or there for "jazz vibes" can still get a lot out of it.

Blues is what I was thinking of - or thinking about lessons I've had with Ed and yourself about simple ways to approach solo playing. But I won't have anyone at that level.

Thanks for your thoughts! :)