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Hey Folks, 

 I'm upgrading my gear and time to let go of my trustee Malletkat. I've gigged and toured with this Kat, but also had new pads put on her a few years back so it's still in good shape. I have a 2 octave express plus the additional octave. This way you can travel on a plane without checking in. Huge for touring but also just a great option for consolidation of space. I also have a custom made backpack style case that it can fit into taken apart that will fit into the overhead of even smaller planes. Price is negotiable. Please write me here or through my website if interested. 


Tyler Blanton dot net


josephturner Thu, 04/20/2023 - 18:34

I am quite interested in getting a Malletkat, and you may see my name across the sale forums inquiring for one. Can we get a dialog going on this?

evibeman Mon, 05/22/2023 - 10:21

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It's time to pass my KAT along to an appreciative player. It's been in storage for a while and just recently played it and it's working perfectly with no issues.
Included are 4 oct. modules, 3 pedal set, all module cables, some spares, USB/MIDI cable, standard MIDI cable, all hardware and original KAT power supply. Also is a case for 3 oct
Condition: working perfectly. Newer pads installed a while ago. One pad has some physical damage but works flawlessly. No need to replace it. But if you must, replacements are $3.00