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Here is a list of things on the website, lessons I liked a lot or thought were important. For me it's all of them I guess.

Can any of you guys copy a link of something you thought was interesting and help and put it in the comments? I'll Building on this. This would be especially for new comers to the site or players who don't know what to practice. Pick something from here!

Looking For Something to Study?

Here's an idea to get into soloing.
Here are a few lessons with a little twist to them for soloing and working on harmony. Give it a shot.

Chinese translation:


* 這個區塊裡頭有爵士鍵盤演奏者應該都要會的小練習唷!Click here to see it.
* 這邊是給初學者的課程天堂!Click here for beginners lessons

* 也是給初學者的,你可以看到所有初學者的po上來的影片或是跟初學相關的所有連結: Click here for everything for beginners.

* 這裡是我們所學的所有的曲子Click here and pick a tune and go through all the lessons.
* 30秒影片,簡單的小練習:Click here for a few 30 second lessons. Simple things to keep in mind or work on.
* 關於律動的課程Click here for a few lessons on Grooves.

* David使用的很棒的句子和技巧Click here to learn a cool Phrasing Technique that David Uses.
* David Friedman有一本很棒的教材“Dampening and Pedaling”,大家都應該完成裡面每一首練習曲,對演奏鐵琴的技巧會非常的有幫助!這裡有關於每一首練習曲的影片,都是網站上的成員所演奏的: Click here to see all the etudes.
* 跟音階相關的連結:Here’s an little out of sync video about the importance of scales.
* 將鋼琴的演奏移植到鐵琴上,很好玩!來看看!It’s fun to emulate a stride piano player on the vibes. Here’s a section with a bunch of lessons on doing that.


* 關於Bebop的課程,7週完成學習過程: Click here for a bunch of great lessons on bebop
* SBYI系列:站在你的樂器後!“Stand Behind Your Instrument” They are here.
* 我們有個系列叫做“一天8小節“,一天只有8小節要練習,一定會有時間的吧~ It’s here.

* 先演奏出一個小七和弦,並使用Dorian音階,演奏到遂意一個音停止,從你停止的音上面,做一個小七和弦,看看影片中的示範:Click here for the Minor 7th improv exercise
* 這裡是大七和弦的練習: Click here for the major 7th exercise
* 這個影片是關於,先演奏一個和弦,從和弦延伸出線條,在你停止的音上面,想想看這個音是你下一個想要演奏的和絃的那一個音:Click here.


allyman Sun, 07/08/2018 - 11:42

Thanks Tony. This is a great idea and is helpful. I'm working through a ton of stuff but enjoying every minute. Always something to work on and stay focused on and wring out! Looking forward to August. I'll post some video soon too.

tonymiceli Mon, 07/09/2018 - 13:53

In reply to by allyman

well if you see anything you really like, come back and say something about it. i'll keep build the document.

keep working hard.

allyman Tue, 07/10/2018 - 09:55

In reply to by allyman

I figured I'd try and record this from memory, despite only starting to memorize it a few days ago. Lots of little technical errors but the goal was to put up something displaying my level of technical competence at this point. My apologies to David for the misplaced notes and errors. I decided to learn this a couple of weeks ago for a concert gig I did last week with a harpist. I needed a little solo piece to include and I found this, and liked it. Anyway, the first video is loaded. Just beginning this journey so lots to learn.

allyman Tue, 07/10/2018 - 14:01

In reply to by tonymiceli

I briefly looked to see if I could delete that post. Please feel free to remove it; I should have asked first, and now I can clearly see the hyperlink for "post" on the left. Again, my apologies.

allyman Mon, 07/30/2018 - 09:39

In reply to by tonymiceli

Its weird, but one of the things I'm learning about this new language and new that sometimes "practicing" means just noodling around...playing with the changes, voicings, and MOST importantly (for me anyway), trying to hear melodies in my head that I can translate to the all takes on a very different kind of feeling than does the typical practicing I've done over my early developmental years. I don't know if this makes sense or not, or if I"m on the right track. But it feels like some of the time, this is what comes out of my practice time. I can feel some improvements in these areas, but it's slow...

c.stallard22 Fri, 09/28/2018 - 10:15

Great list! The stride stuff is some of my favorite...especially the Summertime lesson and, of course, the washer machine video ;) but here are some other vids that have been helpful/inspiring:

A lot of Christos' stuff, especially these three (I think I've watched these around fifty times each...):
Independence:… ("If it doesn't dance, don't even try it.")
Tagging a tune:…

All the "Cop This Groove" stuff:
Big folder:
And some favorites:………

Solo Playing:…
Tips from Gary Burton:…

Not a lesson, but awesome:…

And this one isn't a lesson, but it's in my bookmarks to eventually learn:…

Also not a lesson, but interesting discussion here:…

tonymiceli Sat, 09/29/2018 - 10:28

In reply to by c.stallard22

thanks for doing this. i think this site needs some organizers like you and others. there is so much stuff up here! hope to see you soon! come to philly!

c.stallard22 Sun, 09/30/2018 - 18:27

In reply to by tonymiceli

Yeah no problem!
I've been hoping to get in a Philly trip. Sadly my other Philly friends have all moved away, but it'd be cool to come jam and see you and Anne. Maybe later this fall.
And yes, happy to do some organizing on the site if it's helpful. I've got some extra time for vibe stuff in my life again this year. :)


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