Victor Feldman

In a way I would say Victor Feldman is my favorite vibe player. He was an INCREDIBLE musician.

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Hi everyone, as I am finishing up with my Jazz History course in college I have a term paper due and I am trying to gather all the info possible regarding Feldman's playing, gear, soloing style! I am going to leave out his piano and drums career and focus on his incredible vibes playing. It is a great opportunity to know more deeply about this wonderful musician. I will include my transcription and small analysis of the solo from Serpent's Tooth (which I can finally play minus the last chorus). Any comment of this tune is more than welcome! Please share as much as you can and... you will be cited! Thank you.

According to Terry Gibbs (who told me that Victor was his favorite vibes player), Victor was a master at dead strokes on the vibes. That is when you strike the bar but also push the mallet into the bar to completely deaden the ring. So what you get is "staccato" on the vibes, and that is nearly impossible to achieve; just striking the bar with the damper felt doing the muting won't give you that sound. Victor could play runs that way (Terry demonstrated), and it's an amazing tool to have when needed.

One of the major regrets of my life was that I attended Victor's final gig but didn't stay. He was playing Alphonse's Italian restaurant with his sons on bass and drums (Victor on piano), and was playing a tremendous version of "It Had To Be You." I stayed for two songs but had other places to hit that night, so I left and planned to return the following week for a longer stay. Victor died the next day very unexpectedly, and I think he was under age 60. That's when I learned never to put things off or postpone until later.