Rebuilt M48 - Picture

Thanks to Glen Dalrymple! He rebuilt my M48 which was in very bad shape! It's really beautiful now and plays great. I wore it out before!

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I came across this and I was impressed but I'm curious to know if the instrument still plays as well at this point (it's now been 4 years since your rebuild)? Did the repair fix the uneven dampening that comes with a "gigged-over" M48? Thanks, Tom Beckham

totally fixed the uneaveness, because it's a whole wooden piece now. the instrument is still kicking ass!

glenn dalrymple does great work.

Looks beautiful. Would love to hear how it sounds now. Is there a recent sound file or video using that instrument here on the VibesWorkShop site?


Unless Tony has a studio recording I think you'd be hard pressed to hear much of a difference between that M48 and any M48 played by Tony of the same vintage bars etc. Typical Musser Sound. Rebuilding an M48 or M55 tends to make them more even and project more however, if they were in decent condition to start I think the player can hear better than the listener the differences. I believe Tony did a lesson a few years ago with that vibe, but I couldn't find it. At that time it was moving some but I talked to him and there was a loose strap support screw.

The M75 Century is a different story since I change the design and replace virtually all the wood. They get much warmer and fuller IMHO. Check out Joe Locke Blues and Ballads, it's recorded using an M75 century I rebuilt for him a while back.

BTW, I have some more work to do on the m48 in the picture in the distant future. It's going to be even more pretty, and be a little more stable. Stay tuned, but it may be a while.
Although standing next to me, most anything looks more beautiful ;)

@Tom Well if Tony and I can get in the same city at the same time I'd like to take a look first hand. Per my other post I am planning a little more work on it. I did some re-work to to get away from the large "M" braces. It worked pretty well in my opinion (and way better than the original M48) but I am kind of a perfectionist. If everything is cranked down I believe it's OK but as the guy that built it, I think it should be more forgiving regarding setup.

The real key with that instrument is getting the hinges right on the folding rails. I used walnut which is way harder than the original rails, and I spent a TON of time getting the joints and hardware to all work together. Frankly unless someone wants to pay for a semester of my son's college, I wouldn't do another set of folding frame rails it took a lot of hours, custom parts, and trial and error.