Yamaha YV-2700 for Sale

Hey everyone...

I have decided to part ways with my Yamaha YV-2700 vibraphone. Not the easiest decision, but I would rather see it enter a loving home than sit in storage indefinitely. I am having to SERIOUSLY pare down belongings in trying to make a permanent move from Houston to New York City in the next 12-18 months.

I purchased it from Yamaha directly in 1997. It is a concert frame. The frame itself has a few minor scratches, but the bars, motor and all parts are in excellent condition. At the urging of John Piper and Tony Miceli, I replaced the felt damper bar with a vanderplas silicone damper - making a tremendous difference.

A new YV-2700 currently sells for $4120.00 -- I am asking $3300.00, and am willing to negotiate shipping costs.

Yamaha YV-2700Yamaha YV-2700

Hi Stephen,
Do you have cases for the instrument? Could you ship to Baltimore?
Let me know. I might be interested.

Fernando Rocha
(you can e-mail me: fernandorocha70@gmail.com)

Hello Stephen,

I am very interested in purchasing this beautiful set of vibes. If it is still available, would it be possible to ship to Denver?

Yours appreciatively,
Clair Tannenbaum

Is this still available? I live in Dallas, so I might be interested in checking this out.