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Hi experts :)
I have a chance to buy a Musser M55 (about 3000,-€) or a Saito CB700 (about 1000,-€).
Both are so far away that I can't travel only to test them myself.
Up to now I have only seen photos.

Saito seems to have the same bars size as the Musser.

Does anyone know about Saito?
Is the sound comparable to the Musser?



David Friedman Tue, 02/10/2015 - 17:00

Between endorsing Musser and Yamaha, I played and endorsed Saito for about 7 years. I loved the instrument. I played the model closest to the M55. The bars fit on both frames and it broke down exactly like an M55. The biggest problem was dealing dirctly wit Saito in Japan. The endorsement deal was through Pustjens Percussion in Holland, and they were totally frustrated with their "non" relationship with the Saito family in Japan. It was difficult making suggestions for certain improvements because they were selling like crazy in Japan and they felt they didn't need input from outside.
The instrument, however, sounded great, big fat sound, warm and the frame was relatively sturdy. I can't remember which model I played, so I can't say whether the model for sale is the top model. I'd have to at least see a picture.

Good luck!


IndianaGlen Thu, 02/12/2015 - 11:26

In reply to by wyndorps

It looks to me like this is similar to an M44 where they bars are NOT graduated in width. Perhaps doing an image search on M44.

I have (re)built a few frames, it is possible, but it does take some woodworking skills (metalworking skills if you plan on making legs probably). Making Bars and Resonators is much more of a challenge.

If the Satio is indeed has no-graduating width bars, it will sell (and re-sell) for about half (or more) of what a graduated bar, like an M55 will sell for.

From the looks of the picture you provided, the frame looks to be in very good shape.

Michael DuBick Thu, 02/12/2015 - 15:23

My one experience with Saito was several years ago when I tested a new instrument at the now defunct Drummer's World in NYC and was able to compare it to a Musser M55, also in the shop at that time. My recollection was that it had good tone in all three octaves and compared favorably with the M55 (frankly I don't recall the model number of the Saito since I was unfamiliar with it the brand at the time). I also recall the bars on both instruments had the same dimensions. I also remember that the Saito was considerably less expensive than the M55, so it seemed like a good buy. Wish I could remember more, but it was a while ago.