Trouble with Mallet Kat as MIDI keyboard

Hi to all here,

Long time lurker, but one of my first posts here.

Here's the problem I could'nt solve with my Mallet Kat.

I use it as a MIDI keyboard in Cubase (with Kontakt, Sonic Couture sounds, etc.).

When I record my parts on a MIDI track, I can see in the MIDI editor that my notes are doubled (one covering the other but with a few ms shift) because the Mallet Kat has 2 built-in MIDI controllers.

So, I have to erase manually each one I don't need which is really boring.

Is there any way to "mute" one of the 2 controllers of the Mallet Kat to avoid this ?

Thanks for your answers.

yeah you should talk to mario. I forget but think there is a way around this.

your malletkat is sending separate note offs or on's i forget where they duplicate. at the beginning or the end.

call alternate mode, i forget what i did but i think I've fixed the problem. and i think i remember it was an easy fix.

i'll send my partner here, he's an electronic percussion brain.

Thanks Tony,

I'll talk to Mario and shall let know the solution here in case anyone is interested.

If you are getting two sets of data, your malletKAT is in DOUBLE Mode. Make sure your malletKAT is in HANG mode, which won't access Controller 2 without stepping on the Sustain 2 footswitch.

Holding down the edit footswitch, tap the "Hang" pad (C natural) until it reads "HANG MODE"

Thanks Stephen.

It solved the problem.
I simply did'nt think to use the Hang mode.

But the problem remains if I want to use the 2 controllers simultaneously for playing 2 differents sounds together(one on MIDI channel 1 and the other on channel 2 for instance)on a MIDI track using "any" channel as input, but that's not a big problem.

Thanks again for your answer.

Generally speaking, a DAW will receive and record all MIDI data coming in from a single instrument source, even when it is coming in on separate channels (OMNI Mode). This is by design.

A quick Google search shows that Cubase has a function that will separate a MIDI track either by note (like dissecting a drum track), or by channel. It is called "Dissolve Parts".

you are saying you want to play two different sounds at the same time? that's pretty easy on the malletkat. i don't get the any channel reference. you use controler A and controler B on the instrument.

is that what you mean?