Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse

Hi All,
Does anyone know who plays the vibes solo on Bennett and Winehouse's "Body and Soul" on Duets II? I don't have the album. Even though I've looked everywhere online I can think of, there is no credit for vibraphone that I can see.

When I want to find album credits I usually go to Barnes and Noble site first.
Scroll down to find three tabs, "Product Details", "Tracks", "Album Credits". Under "Album Credits" I see the following for Percussion:
Gordon Gottlieb Percussion
Ben Herman Percussion
Erik Charlston Percussion

My guess is Erik: and


Thanks so much! That's some good research. I usually go to the All Music website when I need to know stuff. It usually gives me all I need to know, including labels and catalog numbers. But it was no help here. Thank you for the new research tool, Barnes & Noble.
Sorry I took so long to reply. We were evacuated from our place in Hilton Head because of Dorian. That took nearly a week of no access to my computer. I enjoyed it while it lasted but now paying the price!
Also thank you for the introduction to Erik Charlston. Hadn't heard of him before.
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