Selling my 6 months old Musser M55G vibes :(

Dear friends vibists,

unfortunately (!), I have decided to sell my brand new M55G. I bought it last november, it came to my house straight from the Musser factory.

I am a first year graduate music student in NY. As from this summer I am not sure whether I will be able to continue my studies because it is possible that I will not get my funding and scholarships renewed (I have 3 at the moment). We all know that these are tough times for the arts....

Anyway, in an attempt to sum up the money that I need to be here for the next semester and complete my degree, I have decided to sell my beautiful M55G. Also, in the case I fail to sum up the money I need for the fees, and decide to move back to Europe, I wouldn't want to take it with me; the taxes, cost of shipping and also changing the motor (to european standards), will cost me too much.

The instrument sounds amazing and is in an excellent condition (anyone interested is welcome to pass by and play it). It also has real gold colored bars. Many of you will have noticed that a lot of Musser instruments came out the last few years with orange looking bars. Well mine has actually beautiful gold colored bars.

I have the cover, the motor (tried it once to make sure it works but I don't use it), the spares for the motors, the receipt and all the paperwork that came with it. Also, I need to mention that it never left my room.

Maybe it's the fact that it is mine, but I really think that this one sounds better than an average M55G. But... as I said, maybe the fact that it's my instrument makes it sound, vibrate, better to my ears :)

It's been used for under 6 months ( less than 3 days per week/I practice at school 4 days a week), so I think it would be fair to ask around $4,000 as it is brand new and it is for a good cause. It goes for $5,150 now at Steve Weiss.

Anyone interested please write back!

All the very best,


This is one sad story Alex. I'm really sorry for you, and I'm sure such an instrument will get a new and good player to take care of... and I hope you can get another vibes soon too!!
Best of luck!
- Marie

Where are you located Alexgag?
I'm selling my M75 Century Vibes in mint condition and if I'm lucky I might sell it and will have the money to buy yours. I'm also offering a trade for a M55G but I suppose what you need is the money. If you find a buyer for mine instead we've got a deal there. I'm in Miami and I have custom foamed cases also. Good luck!

Hello and thank you for your reply!

I am in New York, Harlem near by 125th street. Unfortunately I am not really interested in getting another set at the moment no...

Let me know if you want to come by and play it!

All the best,


Dear Alex,

I was saving up for a new m55, I would like to purchase your set. :) my email is, can you email me, do you have any pictures of the instrument??


Do you still have the M55G for sale? I'm ready to make a deal with you. Please send me some pictures of the instrument where I could see all aspects of it's condition. My personal address is
Thank you very much for your time,
Armando Romeu

I suggest you to contact Alex by mail, as I think he's not so often online. To get in contact with him, click on his name, then on the next page choose "Contact" and write him your message.
Good luck! :o)
- M

There's no link attached to the names here. And if they have one it doesn't work for me.
Thanks for the tip anyway.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough... let's try again just in case:

- On Alex's post you have his name above in bold
- Clicking on it should get you to a new page: some of his account info
- On this new page, above you should have the choice of "Contact"
- If so, when you click on it it should lead you to a contact form that should allow you to send him a mail through the site system.

I hope this helps! - M

I sincerely thank you so much for your help. I understood you perfectly but his name in bold does not trigger a link. There's no link or maybe he do not accept his information shared with everybody. In other words the "hand cursor" does not appear.
If by any chance you have ways of contacting Alex, my personal address is and maybe through you I can get in touch with him. I appreciate too much what you've done so far and I don't intend to be fresh to involve you in this. If you don't or can't help me with this I will understand.
Thank you so much Marie-Noëlle

Hey Armando,
I contacted Alex last week: he had not yet sold his beauty, and was still hesitating. I just got his answer this morning: he's selling it!! :o)
So if you're still interested you can get in contact with him... he just said you should not wait too long: Alex is now back in Europe, but the vibes is in Manhattan at a good friend. He said you can go and test it anytime.
Good luck!!!
- MN

Thank you for your kind words Marie! :)

Is it 440 or 442?

Also, are there cases?

...and an unsolicited piece of advice: It is far, far cheaper to ship a set of vibes TO Europe than it is FROM Europe. Just ask Tony about his last trip there and what he found out AFTER he got there with an axe. A good friend of mine just left a drum set behind in Holland for the same reason (he only checked out how much it cost to get it there, wrongly assuming the return trip would be the same.)

The M55 is, in my opinion, the instrument to have and, if you have a nice one, will be well worth the shipping charge. If you are a planning to be a professional player, I would seriously advise you to hang onto it if you can at all.

I still play on the one I bought when I was your age...

If you have these vibes still and are looking to sell, I would be more than willing to take them off your hands. Please email


Kind of an old thread, but if your vibe has not gone yet, I am interested in coming up to NY to purchase it from you.

email is




I'm interested in buying your Musser M55 if it's still for sale.
Just one thing, I live in France, and I'd like to know if you're ok for sending it there.
You can contact me here :

All the best,