Replacing posts in Musser M58

I am helping to refurbish a used Musser M58 vibe for my daughter's high school band. Several of the hook and saddle posts were broken off, with the root (to use a dentist term) still stuck in the mounting hole. We managed to extract them with some difficulty, and noticed that there was some glue in the bottom of the holes which was what made the posts so hard to pull out. We are waiting for some replacements, I am thinking we should pot them into the holes with something similar to mount them firmly in the frame. Not sure what the factory used, it was a pretty tough stuff, it extended up maybe a half-inch up the post. I'm not sure we need something that hard, I was thinking of using GE silicone, the stuff you use in your shower, again maybe enough to pot the lower half of the root.
Any comments/suggestions?

If it were mine to do, I would call Bill Youhass at Fall Creek Marimbas and get his opinion. All his contact info is up on their website.

He does a great job with those, so whatever he does is good to my way of thinking.