Milt Jackson and Bobby Hutcherson! (links)

Emilie and I were talking about that Locke/Hutcherson video, and suddenly Goldwing put it on top of the Pile! Funny! :o)

What about the legendary duets Hutcherson/Jackson? We know vids of Milt on the net are very few and tend to disappear. So this is an update of the few duets (so far) on Dailymotion, from Jazz Baltica 99 (one of the very last performances of Bags)… Feat. Pierre Boussaguet (db…French!), plus the legendary Mikey Rocker (dr) and Mike Ledonne (p.)

- Gag's Groove:

- Lady be Good:

- Just friends:

- What is this think called love:
This tune is without Bags. I just posted it because I never saw/heard Bobby Hutcherson play such a smoking speed tune! I mainly had the image of the cool guy of "Old Folks"… And also for the pleasure of watching Mikey Roker… and Mike Ledonne! Wow!

On those three duets, Milt looks like and old Lion, still so noble and great, even if visibly tired. But something makes me smile on those vids, when I compare them with the duo Locke/Hutcherson: next to Bags, Bobby is the young cat… when he is the cool "Lion King" next to Joe: I think it's sweet... to know there will always be fathers and sons, mentors and students, kings and princes…

Keep it vibin’ guys!