Mallet Samples

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask if somebody knows a good sampler module with good sounds of vibes and marimba (probably for using electronic mallet system). I'm mainly interested in hardware, but if anyone knows some good (free/cheap) software it will be good information too.



I'm not sure about this but I think samplers are going to be expensive, a lot of work, or sound awful.

FM and/or PCM or Wave Table based synthesizers do a great job on tuned percussion instruments.
Alternate Mode has the cheapest sound module I've seen anywhere and that is the Ketron SD2.
I have no experience with this sound module.

Getting s cheap sampler is never really a good idea. Because it is the core of your sound library. Everything will sound cheap regardless of how good the sound library is.

my 2 cents.

I myself have been on alternate mode and they reccomend the yammaha motif efs rack. They say it has the best vibe and marimba sounds. They also reccomend the muse receptor. These modules are both expensive, but remember, theres always ebay!
Honeslty, i don't knoow about the ketron sd2. I've looked at it too. For the price, it seems cheap. IF you are looking for a electronic instrument, i would get the malletkat WS
Hope this helps

Thanks toddc and drslg for this informations!

I know the cheapest are not the best sounds, but perhaps we can find good ballance... ;) yamaha, and muse receptor sounds good option, but so expensive for me now (perhaps tomorrow...), ketron seems interesting. If somebody have tested this models or others it would be nice to hear about it.

Thank you very much!


if you have a laptop you could grab a m audio fast track pro usb interface and and use reason 4 .. the marimba samples are great, the vibe sounds arent too bad and you can creat effects via a virtual mixing board


Hi everybody!

im looking for samples and find this
on mp3 sample of sample sound pretty good


GREAT sounds!


Recently I tried (with xylosynth) Cool Vibes and I think it's sounds very good and realistic, the touch and dinamics, but it have the vibrato effect all the time, and you can't leave it. Essential vibraphone mp3 demos sounds very good, but I didn't tried still.

I found another vibes sample and is cheaper. The same site have another for free. The pay version it sounds also good, and you can control if you want vibrato or not, but I think the dinamic maping it's little irregular, and not so natural. The free version have only one sample for every note...

Thanks for all your ideas, we will continue the research.
I'm really thinking in sampling with detail my vibes and make my own sampler with kontakt or something like that!


Hi All,

I think these are well worth looking at - both run in Kontakt player- the marimba sounds beautiful: