an Idea for a new specialty mallet for Tony to work on

One thing about playing on the Mallet station (I'm assuming the same is true for the malletkat) that is kind annoying is the unnatural bounce of the mallet after the strike. It would be great if somebody designed a mallet that articulates on the instrument yet doesn't bounce off the bar. Any Mallet controller players out there have any thought on this?

interesting. i wonder how to change the bounce like that on rubber. would it be softer mallets?????

well I've tried the Late Nite Mallets on my Mallet station but they still bounce. I think the solution would be to develop a core the doesn't bounce. I'm thinking maybe a miniature bean bag core or something like that. Granted, a mallet for that use may not have enough of a market to warrant any r&d but I certainly would interested. :)