I need help selling my vibes!

So, I'm a saxophone player and I have an old set of vibes that I'd like to sell because I need the money to pay for a flute. I know the brand is Musser and it's three octaves, but it doesn't have a motor or pedal and it looks like it's missing some kind of band that'd spin the parts in the tubes. Other than that, it seems to be working fine! (I've attached a rope to the bottom to act as a pedal) How much would be fair for me to sell it for? And as far as model goes, I have no idea what model it is nor where to look, I'll post a few pictures as soon as I can figure out how to. Also, how am I supposed to ship it?! Thanks

I'm sure anyone here could identify it instantly with a picture. But failing that, there should be a little plaque immediately above where the motor would be, on the right. That should have the model number, cross reference it with the Musser website, or google past models if it's older. As far as price goes, if the bars are in good shape, and they are good bars (graduated), I know some will pay a decent price just for the bars ($2000-2500). Unless you are going to fix it up, you are probably selling it for parts, so I would start there, depending of course on the condition. Shipping, I know, can be difficult. Local pick-up is often a good idea. Are you putting it on ebay?

So after comparing it to the musser website, it seems to be their "Combo" line vibes (which doesn't include graduated bars). I am planning to post it in Craigslist or eBay. But, how much would you say is reasonable?

There is one on there now with bids in the $300s with a several days left: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Musser-M44-Combo-Vibraphone-Vibes-F-F-Motor-Work...

Brand new these go for around $2500. I'd say if you could get $1000 or $1500 you'd be doing alright.

this instrument is best for a theatre with a small pit, or maybe a school?

Hey, thanks for all the help guys! I really appreciate it all.