Changes to Somewhere in the Night

Does anybody know the changes to 'Somewhere in the Night'? The classic version is, of course, on Grant Green's album 'Street of Dreams' featuring Bobby Hutcherson. I know there is a video of Bobby playing it with Joey D as well. It seems like a tune that isn't played very often, but it's got a great melody and really swings. The form is also somewhat unusual, being 24 bars in length. I worked out the melody, but have been having some difficulty figuring out the changes because I suck at hearing bass lines and chords played on Hammond organ.

Hello Roger,
here is a link to the sheet music where you can see most of the changes


Hi Tifoo,

I think that might actually be a different tune called 'Somewhere in the Night'. I know there are a few songs by that name. The one I'm referring to is by Mack Gordon.

Great tune! Hope this helps.

See attached PDF and Band-in-a-Box files.


Thanks, Barry! Much of that is somewhat like I expected. Putting this on the practice agenda for today.

By the way, the first 8 bars of the pdf, is that Larry Young's intro from Street of Dreams too?

I believe that is the version I used to transcribe the intro.

I see you play guitar too. Maybe we can have a virtual collaboration.

Have fun!

Here's a lead sheet of mine that I use for this tune.


Thanks, Behn. That looks good to me. Is this the standard key you play it in? I know it's in G on the Grant Green recording, which is the only one I'm familiar with. I also notice a discrepancy in bar 14: the previous changes posted have what would be E7#9 in your key, whereas you have A7#11. I think both work with the melody (and the successive changes), but to me the #11 in the melody sounds closer to what I remember on the recording.

Yeah, I play it as A7#11, that's what it is one the recordings I have. I play it in F because I've played it with some other guys that do it in F, but I like it in G as well.

with the intro too, (I recorded this tune in a recording session)
I hope helps
I love the tune