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Hi - I'm a drummer (non professional) but can read drum music and have good technique. I'm really interested in learning vibraphone. Looks like I joined here as a free member 7 years ago. But lately I actually have time to practice something new!

The main topics I'm interested are:
basics of how to improvise over chord changes (mostly jazz, blues, simple stuff)
play scales and be able to move to different keys
read notes and not just rhythms.
Probably there are basics I'm not aware I need, but holding mallets and hand exercises is probably something I could skip through.

Is there a good amount of this kind of content on the site? Can you suggest a beginner curriculum?



Randy_Sutin Wed, 05/29/2024 - 19:34

This site is a treasure trove of exactly what you are looking for.

tonymiceli Fri, 05/31/2024 - 17:32

how about this: try the site out, spend your first month looking around. If it doesn't suit your needs, I'll refund your first months fee.

if you can dig through stuff, then this site will be great for you. but you have to look around, look in the v-books and find stuff to study.

It's not handed to you.

any more questions, post here and or