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There's so much stuff, what do I practice?

Maybe it's easier said than done, but pick something and practice it.

Ok, that's the smart ass answer. There's a TON of stuff here and more is going up all the time. 100's of posts to help you become better.

So the answer is to make a commitment to something and work on it.

The trick is to go through the online books. That's where all the lessons get moved to. Think of the books like any other lessons and method books you have at home. When posts get put in there they don't move. So look through there and find things to work on.

If you're still stumped, then blog and tell us why you're stumped and the kind of stuff you want to work on. There's a good chance that one of the faculty will comment to your blog and offer a suggestion.

However, pick something, print it out and make it your focus for a while. Then find something else. We're in the process of building lesson plans and ways to guide you, for now just seek out something and work on it. But stay with it for a few days or a week before you move on.

As a last resort try me I'll try and help you.


Piper Wed, 10/22/2008 - 21:25

I love this question because it's something I think we need to work on at .

I'd like to try this:

Instead of a survey asking "How many mallets do you hold on Tuesdays if the gig only pays $75.00?" ... how about a survey asking our students "what would you like to tackle next?"

A. Harmony
B. Lines
C. Ear training
C. vibraphone technique (dampening/pedaling)

Then, all of the faculty and visiting professionals on the site can give a nugget of information from their individual "perspective" on that subject. Students can go through various materials offered with guidance and direction and try different approaches. This will focus us all in and bring us together and increase camaraderie among faculty, visiting professionals and students. Then, after we've spent a few weeks hammering away at that subject, we can tackle a new subject.

That doesn't mean that all other topics are off the board but at least we'd have a focus.

What do y'all think?

tjaco Wed, 10/22/2008 - 21:35

In reply to by Piper

Hey John,

That's an excellent idea. Maybe we could make a some kindof weekly or y7weekly poll and then all the faculty and others who would like to say something about this can put up their stuff.

We could also mae a book containing this 'new' topic(I can put it there) and when we start on something new I can move it to the archives(good vibes book, yor book, tony's book).

Then it would even be possible to colect all the contributed stuff and put up a section or a lesson up containing all the stuff that has been discussed!

Tony, what do you think about that?